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What is Wealthy Affiliate For – Fully Exposed from Inside

What is Wealthy Affiliate For - Fully Exposed from Inside

  CompanyWealthy Affiliate Used For: Online Affiliate Training Worth Rating: $$$$$ (Priceless) Price:  $0 Starter Membership / Premium Membership $49 month      

We will explain what Wealthy Affiliate means to us and what it’s worth? The simplest answer is Life Changing!

If you have been doing research online for Ways to Make Money Online.  You probably came across Wealthy Affiliate University or Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp.

Wealthy Affiliate is an internet based company that’s rapidly growing. There are several reasons why.

  1. People want to learn how to work from home or want to earn extra cash.
  2. People are getting tired of working the traditional 9 to 5 jobs.
  3. They want Freedom to do what they want and be able to work when it fits into your schedule
We were one of those people looking for a career change.  We did our research just like you are doing right now.  After reading all the reviews we found about Wealthy Affiliate about 90% of the reviews were positive. The other 10% well just had a difference of opinion on what WORKING from Home meant.  It’s a real business that you create from the ground up. Not a get rich quick scam.  

One of the most powerful aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can ask questions, and get the answers you are looking for incredibly fast.

The only bad question is the one you don’t ask?

– Carson & Kyle (WA Founders)-


Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam!  Just like any school, college, university, or training course you have to learn the skill first.  Every business takes time to build and become trusted.  Amazon wasn’t an overnight online success, it took years to build and for people to trust them.

That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate does, it’s a University where you LEARN how to become a Trusted Online Affiliate Marketer.  They offer step by step video training with five-course levels and ten lessons in each course. Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to learn how to create a website or blog from the ground up and make money doing it.

Creating a website or blog is like building a tower.  You must start with a solid foundation and build upward.  WA provides you the tools and knowledge to build a solid foundation, the rest is up to YOU.

Wealthy Affiliate has a Pay-It-Forward Community, you help out others and it’s paid-forward to you. There’s always someone online to help no matter what time of day or where you are in the Country.

It’s a tight community and everyone there is willing to help.  Founders Kyle, Carson and Jay are right there with you, they pop into the chat room to help.

There are many angles someone could market a product or service.  You have knowledge about all the products you use every day.

What is Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

There are Pros and Cons in Wealthy Affiliate? We will just give you our top 10.  Yes, it does have Cons too.

Our TOP 10 Pros:

We had no previous marketing or website education.  Yet, the courses were easy for us to follow along.

The Courses are simple to follow along and if you ever get stuck PLEASE ask the question in Live Chat someone will help.   If you need to go back to a previous training course you can.

Our TOP 10 Cons:  Ok we can’t think of 10 The TOP 9 Cons:  Nope can’t think of 9 The TOP 8 Cons:  Boy this is getting too difficult Our TOP 7 Cons:  Nope not there yet Our TOP 6 Cons:  Yeah, we got this one

You can see there aren’t many Cons to joining Wealthy Affiliate in our opinion, but you should really check it out for yourself.


Who is Wealthy Affiliates for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to create a website for an Online Business or a Local Business.

Here is a video of how simple it is to create a website in 30 Seconds.

WATCH VIDEO:  How to Create a Website in 30 Seconds


Wealthy Affiliate Course Review

There are over 100,000 + videos, tutorial, step by step training.  The experienced community members and owners are always creating new training material.  Technology is constantly changing, and Wealthy Affiliate is making upgrading with technology.


Here are the types of training Wealthy Affiliate Offers:

Certification Course   5 Course Levels with 10 Lessons in each course. The Certification Course EVERYONE should take it provides a lot of valuable information. This is for the beginner and part of the FREE membership.  You will get to choose what you want your website to be about.



Boot Camp Training  –  7 Course Levels with 10 Lessons in each.  The difference between Boot Camp and Certification Course is the Boot Camp Training niche is Affiliate Marketing.  The Certification Course is for someone that would like to create a website of their choice of niche.


Classrooms13 Community Classrooms this is where you can find the answer to almost everything.  The owners and experienced community create training for everyone to learn from.  You can learn a lot of great tip and tricks from the Ambassador Members.




Wealthy Affiliate Actual Cost

PRICELESS  – The value you get from Wealthy Affiliate is Priceless, but they need to make a living also.  Pricing details check out our What’s Inside WA page.


My Final Opinion about Wealthy Affiliate

If you are looking for career change give Wealthy Affiliate a try for FREE.  You have nothing to lose.  Wealthy Affiliate is an Amazing Community where it’s a Pay-it-Forward community and a wonderful place to learn.

Learning a new career takes time, building a business all takes time.  Be sure to give it the time it needs to build.

Remember you will be learning a lot of amazing things. To gain a new career and get the Financial Freedom you are looking for.

There is NO MAGIC BUTTON on your computer that will start throwing money at you.  Wouldn’t that be Nice?


Take the LEAP of Faith and Believe in Yourself!!!

We are here for YOU.

People are searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo if they need something.  Such as, you want to get a recipe for Italian Meatball Recipe you go to the internet. Or How to Place a Bet on Horse Race, you search the internet. What that means is the internet is getting larger every second of the day. Think about it the Internet never sleeps.  

BBB Overview

Better Business Bureaus give Wealthy Affiliate a B+ rating. Wealthy Affiliate (aka Niche Marketing Inc.) started the business on 7/7/2005.


If you are already part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community leave a comment on letting us know how your experience has been. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment area below.

Training is AMAZING in a very Positive atmosphere.  

Your New Wealthy Affiliate Friend

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