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What is Wealthy Affiliate About

So, What is Wealthy Affiliate About? It will be a life-changing decision and a great one at that.

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online University where you learn how to create an Online Business. 

We have never heard of them until we stumbled upon one of their students’ website. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create your own Online Business and be successful at it.

Let’s give you a peek inside Wealthy Affiliate before you take the Leap?  We understand we were once sitting right where you are, wondering if this is a good choice or not.  We can honestly tell you it is!

We’ll go through what’s included after you join Wealthy Affiliate, we’ll do our best to cover Everything since there is so much.  Then we’ll give you what our personal experience has been with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join for FREE which is a great benefit because everyone wants to know what they are purchasing before they invest in something.  Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 types of memberships, Starter Membership (FREE) and the Premium Membership (AMAZING).

Which we will go into more detail later.  Everyone starts off with the Starter Membership with access to the Premium Membership which is a fantastic way you can see what included.

Wealthy Affiliate Community Members include newbies to affiliate marking and people who have a marketing degree.

There are 800,000 plus Members that are from 195 countries.  You will be rubbing shoulders with millionaires that are willing to guide you to success.

We will also be there to help you if you should need some.  It’s a “Pay it Forward” Community where you help others as others help you.

Let’s get started……..

What is in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to build a website or blog.  Here’s a peek at what is Inside Wealthy Affiliate and what is included with each Premium Membership.

Where to start Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

When you join with the FREE Membership you are gone to want to look around and see everything they have to offer.  That is fine, and we encourage you to do that. But when you are ready to get down to business and start learning, it’s best to start at the beginning of Course 1 Lesson 1. “Getting Rolling”

Each Lesson includes steps to create a website so it’s important to start at the beginning. To get the full benefits, don’t take any shortcuts, complete each lesson in order.

If you stick to the course in a short time you will see your very own website is created.

Starter Membership $0

Once you’ve signed up you are automatically enrolled in a Free Premium Membership for 7-days.  As a Free Premium Member, you have full access to everything WA has to offer.

After the 7 days, when you decide to stay and continue learning you will receive several additional benefits. 

You receive 2 FREE websites through SiteRubix and Course 1 with step by step instructions.   You have the option to stay a Starter Membership but there are some limitations on training and community access.

Wealthy Affiliate created the Starter Membership to let you see what WA is all about. It’s great for newbies/beginners in the career of Online Affiliate Marketing.

It will give you a chance to find out if Online Affiliate Marketing is for you or not. If you’re serious about an online business, you’re gone to see the benefits to upgrading to the Premium Membership.

Here’s a Walkthrough to Wealthy Affiliate!

Premium Membership – Well Worth $49

If you join as a Premium Member within the 7-days, you will receive a 60% discount.

The first-month Premium Membership will cost $19 instead of the regular monthly fee of $49.

To get the Premium Membership at a discount, you will need to purchase within 7-day Free Trial.

Even after the first month at a Discount of 60%, you can get another Discount of 36% if you become an Annual Premium Member, but we will get into that soon.

The monthly Premium Membership is $49 a month which comes out to be on average $1.55 a day.  This gives you access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, and that is a LOT.

Premium Membership includes 5 Course Levels, 10 Lessons in each Course Level. Weekly Live Training with Jay right in your own home.  Live chat room to ask questions whenever you have them, and you will have questions.

After the Courses there are still Classrooms that you can continue learn from.

Annual Premium Membership – Best Deal Ever $359

Annual Premium Membership is the Best Deal Ever!  You get all the benefits as a monthly Premium Membership but at a 36% Discount.  

The Annual Premium Membership is just .98 cents a day, that is less than a $1 a day for everything you’ll need to build a website or blog.  Less then that cup of coffee you paid for at Starbucks.

Not sure you are gone to be able to beat that deal. You get the Training, Live Support, Chat room, Security, Backup and so much more.  

If you are serious about wanting to start your own online business the Annual Premium Membership is a wise business expense.  

You’ll be saving $205 a year right from the beginning, therefore you’ve already made a profit.

The benefits of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate are amazing.  You learn & work around your own schedule whether you choose to learn/work in the morning or mid-afternoon or late at night.  Wealthy Affiliate is always online and readily available.

If you want to see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about click the video below to see all the Benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

This is a Live Training Video inside Wealthy Affiliate!!!

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

If you apply yourself to the lessons Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, then YES it will be worth the money.   You must treat it as a job and not a hobby and you will be able to earn income from your Online Business. Check it out for yourself and see what we are talking about.  


If you become a Premium Member within 7-days of the FREE Trial not only will you receive the 60% discount on the first month but you will also be eligible for a 36% discount off the Annual Fee BONUS!! On top getting 60% OFF You will get the following Special BONUSES: Read Real Testimonials from other Members of WA  Start Learning to Earn TODAY!!!
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