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Best Bookkeeping Software for a Small Business

What’s the Best Bookkeeping Software for Small Business?

You probably are thinking about or just started a new business and wondering how to keep track of the bookkeeping side of it.  Building a new business is an exciting adventure whether it’s online or at physical locations.  There will be several challenges you have to overcome.

One of the challenges is to how to keep track of your Income and Expenses.  Let’s face it there are several reasons why you need to keep track of your profits.  You want to know how much money your business is making and if you owe any taxes.

I started my Small Business in 2015 as an Affiliate Marketer.  It was quite a challenge for me since I had NO background in marketing.  I did have over 20 years of bookkeeping experience working in an accounting firm.

My job was dealing with the day to day bookkeeping tasks so the owners could focus on growing their business. Now I am on the other side of that, I am now the business owner that needs to keep track of Profits.

Some people get very nervous about bookkeeping but in reality, anyone who has a checking account does some sort of bookkeeping.  I still enjoy bookkeeping and the challenges it presents.

Enough about me, on to the Best Bookkeeping Software for Your Small Business.


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Simple Small Business Bookkeeping Software

The Simplest Bookkeeping Software that businesses use is QuickBooks.  QuickBooks is very versatile software that can be customed for all business.

Whether you own a small, large business or you are self-employed QuickBooks is a simple way to keep track of your profits.


Affiliate Marketing Bookkeeping

Doing bookkeeping for Affiliate Marketing is the same as any other business.  You will have Income and Expenses so the software that most businesses and CPA’s prefer using is QuickBooks.

QuickBooks has come a long way since it released in 1983. There is now an online version that you so anyone can access the information from anywhere.

Which is great for you as a business owner and your accountant who won’t have to come out to your office.

Here is just a few expenses Affiliate Marketers can use as a business expense.  I will be creating an article on the details of the Income and Expenses as an Affiliate Marketing Business.


Intuit QuickBooks for a Small Business

Intuit QuickBooks has been around for over 30 years and has improved their platform over that time. It’s user-friendly and provides several different ways to get to the same place via different paths from the different pull-down tabs.

Business owners like how simple QuickBooks is to use for their day to day tasks.

Intuit QuickBooks offers either an Online version or a Desktop version.  The online version is very popular due to the versatility of having access to your business records from anywhere.

Effortlessly access your bookkeeping from your phone, tablet or computer. Communicate with your customers with the QuickBooks Online from your phone.



QuickBooks Software offers different versions that will work for your business.  Here is a list of QuickBooks Online Versions and the features that are included. 

QuickBooks Simple Start  (Online)

Businesses just starting out but don’t have a lot of money to spend use QuickBooks Simple Start

Features Include  

QuickBooks Essentials (Online)

Has all the features of QuickBooks Simple Start but includes additional features such as managing employee hours.

Features Include  

QuickBooks Plus (Online) Most Popular

Has all the features of QuickBooks Essentials but includes additional features track multiple business locations. Features Include  

QuickBooks Freelancer (Online) Popular by Affiliate Marketers

If you are self-employed the Simple Start QuickBooks or the QuickBooks Freelancer version is great to use.  This is the version that Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, and Website Creator use for their bookkeeping needs. Features Include  

QuickBooks Online – Manage your business!

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Here is a list of QuickBooks Desktop Versions and the features that are included. 

QuickBooks Pro (Desktop) Most Popular 

Has all the features for a business that has employees, invoicing, subcontractors, and so much more.  Popular for a business that doesn’t need the versatility of having access to their accounting online. Features Include    

QuickBooks Premier (Desktop)

Business that need to have more users to have access to the bookkeeping part of the business such as owners, bookkeeper, office manager and so on.  Great if looking for industry-specific Financial Statements that are very easy to access. Features Include    

QuickBooks Enterprise (Desktop)

Larger corporations will use the enterprise edition because of the user capacity of up to 30 users.  If you own multiple businesses and need to access both bookkeeping files at the same time this is the version you will want to purchase. Features Include      

Final Opinion

QuickBooks Software is great for any business where you are self-employed, small mom & pop business, or million dollar company.  It’s simple to learn and easy to navigate and millions of businesses are using it. If you have any Bookkeeping or QuickBooks Questions please leave it in the comment area below and I will be very happy to answer them the best I can.  Like I said I have over 20 years experience using QuickBooks and have used it for many types of businesses.  

Setting Up QuickBooks

If you are new to QuickBooks and need some training or set-up be sure to visit KDBookkeeping on Facebook.  This is a great company that will help you get started on your business. Or if you’ve been in business for a while now and just need your accounting books cleaned up, they can help also.  Keep the bookkeeping to the pros and you can run your business to make it grow.    

It’s the #1 Accounting Solution for Small Businesses with Millions of Users around the World!

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