How to Start a Blog with No Money

How to Start a Blog with No Money

Learn How to Start a Blog with No Money at startup. Blogging is a business you can start with Zero Money.

I am a bookkeeper by trade and have done that for over 15 years.  Things happened in my life, that gave me the option to try a new and different career. 

I looked online to find other ways to make money and Blogging kept coming up.  It peaked my interest, so I started to do my research.  

I researched many websites about blogging and I had to sign up to get emails about the training. 

I signed up for a few emails and I when I got them I still wasn’t sure how to start blogging. I needed real training with step by step guidance.  Let’s face it, I’ve never done blogging before or any kind of an online business. 

I wasn’t in the position to hand out a lot of money for this career change but wanted to give it a try.  Most people start out in the blogging world without a ton of money to invest in it.  I know I didn’t!  When I first started out I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t have a lot of money.



There were 5 questions I had about Blogging before I would start the new journey.

  1. What is Blogging?
  2. How do I start Blogging?
  3. Do I need money to start a Blog?
  4. Why are people Blogging?
  5. When do I Blog?

So now let’s go over each question and I will tell you the answers I came up with.  Maybe it will help you decide whether Blogging is for you or not. 


Let’s get to it!


1) What is Blogging and how do you do it?

I went right to the directory to find out the answer.  What I found out was Blogging is basically your own individual knowledge and life experiences shared with the world.  

What is Blogging and does it work


WOW Yes, it’s true, I couldn’t believe it either.  Blogging is just a way for anyone to share their own individual experiences with the world and get paid for doing that

So, wait a minute, I have been blogging this whole time and didn’t even know it?  Uh, I share my individual experiences on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Google + and Pinterest. 

Ok so I can do this, I have knowledge of bookkeeping since I’ve been doing for 15+ years.  I love to share and help others with my knowledge.  I can share my life experiences with others, so they can learn from my mistakes or fortunes. 

In order to share and help others with my experiences and knowledge, I needed to create a website. I couldn’t invest a lot of money into it right now so that was important for me when I started.   

Great I have decided that I want to learn how to Blog and create a website but How do I get started?


2) How do I start a Blog?

I am sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV and online for Wix where you can create a website for free.

I gave Wix a try, but I still didn’t understand how to build a blog.  Remember I have been doing bookkeeping for years not creating blogs.  I did find another company that had step by step video training it’s called Wealthy Affiliate

A step by step video training was what I was looking for.  I did find out that I would need few things before I could start to create my blog.

  1. Domain name (website URL) 
  2. Web Hosting Service Provider
  3. My knowledge and stories
  4. Affiliate Programs

I wanted to start my blog with little money.  Wealthy Affiliate also offered a Free 10-lesson course on creating a successful online business.  After all, this was something I wanted to make some money doing.  So I signed up for  Wealthy Affiliate for Free.  

After taking the Wealthy Affiliate course I learned a lot about blogging in such a short period of time.  The way you make money with blogging is through Affiliate Marketing.  I learned all about Affiliate Marketing through Wealthy Affiliate. 

What is blog in marketing



3) Do I need money to start a Blog?

Yes, but very little. Every business has some kind of start-up cost but blogging was one of the cheapest.  Let’s remember this is a business/career we are trying to build. 

It cost anywhere between $5.00 to $15.00 a year to purchase a domain name.  My domain cost me $13.75 a year. I purchased/registered my domain name with

 .ai domain registration with Namecheap

Wealthy Affiliate offers Free Domain registration through their SiteRubix platform. So you can build a blog with absolutely no money at all.  They also offer Free step by step training and Free Hosting.  Sweet!!! 

Now things were looking up. After I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I realized this was a great place to build my blog.

I could learn how to create a blog, learn how to do affiliate marketing and make money.  Help others in the process of how I built my blog and with my experience in bookkeeping.  



4) Why do people create a blog?

There are over a billion websites in the world and at least 152 million of them are blogs. Blogging is a way to earn money from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.   I can tell you why I started blogging and how it affected my life. 

I got tired of my 9 to 5 job doing bookkeeping for over 15 years, I was looking for a change.  I turned 50 years old and wanted to start something new and different.   

I wanted to have more freedom and not be tied down to one desk all the time. 

Helping others any way I can and Blogging allows me to do that.  Just like this post I want to help you get started with blogging at the lowest possible cost.  

I will share how I got started and how I am building my online business.  Remember Blogging is a Business if you want to make money doing it.  I will be happy to help you any way I can along your journey.  Just leave a comment below and I will reply. 

5) When do I Blog?

That is one of the best things about Blogging and building your own online business.  You can Blog any time of the day, whether you are an early riser or a night owl you can blog.   It doesn’t have to be 9 to 5 or in the same location. 

You blog whenever you have time.  So if you are currently working a full-time and want to blog at night or on weekends you can do it.  Blogging for me has become a full-time job and I love it.  I am writing my blogs a lot because I really enjoy doing it.

I really enjoy helping others learn how to blog.  It’s a fantastic way to express yourself and share information with others. 


What is blogging and how to make money with it



Blogging is a fantastic business opportunity to make money!  I’ve learned how to blog at Wealthy Affiliate University.  Give blogging a try for Free with Wealthy Affiliate to see if it’s a business you want to start building. 

The best advice I can give to you about blogging is to write what you know and speak from the heart.  People are interested and want to learn from you. 

Everyone has different experiences in life and translate them in different ways.  That is what makes you unique and makes you special. 

There are over a billion people in the world what you have gone through in life has happened to someone else.  Share what you know and connect with others. 

There is no limit to the potential earnings you can make with blogging. 

One of the things I enjoy is when I  waking up in the morning and see someone left a comment stating that I helped them.  Or leaving a question asking a question that I can help them with. 

It’s also nice to see my money has increased overnight because I am investing in my future.  

“Do Something Today Your Future Self Will Thank You For”


Start Blogging Today

Warm Wishes Ann

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