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If you are researching ways to Make Money Online, Inbox Dollars is one of the ways you can.  You won’t make a million dollars overnight or even in a year but you can earn some cash.

Make Money with Inbox Dollars does take time.  You can earn anywhere between .01 cents to $20.00 per task. Some tasks include reading emails, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games and even searching the internet. 

Online Tasks for Money

⇒  Emails are sent on a random basis and you have to confirm that you have reviewed each email by clicking on “Confirm this Paid Email”.  A Very simple task, once you open the email you will have to decide if you want to complete the next task. There are limits on how many emails you receive daily it can be anywhere from 1 to 3.  You will receive .02 cents for each email you opened, it’s not much but it can add up over time. A total of .06 cents in a day. Inbox Dollars Email Confirm

watch videos online get paid


⇒  Watching videos there’s a limit each day on how many videos you can watch so pay attention.  At the end of each video, you have a scratch-off ticket for the chance to win sweeps or cash. (see Sweeps explanation below) Videos are about 2 minutes long and have several commercials in between each video which you will receive .02 cents for each video.   You do not get paid per commercial, you just have to sit through them to get to the paid videos.  

UPDATE 2/20/18 

⇒  Watching videos  Inboxdollars has changed own you earn money watching videos.  It’s now accumulated Scratch & Win process, watch the videos and you can increase you the amount you could possibly win.  If you watch about 2 minutes of videos you could earn up to $10 by scratching off the ticket at that time.  If you let it accumulate to the next ticket you could win up to $25.  By letting it go to the end of the meter bar which takes about 15 minutes depending on some videos and you have a chance of winning $100.  I haven’t won that much yet, but still scratching  🙂

watching videos and making money  

⇒  Surveys are abundantly available to take at any time. Some surveys require pre-questions to see if you qualify to participate in them.  After around 5-10 questions you will be notified that you “qualify” or “do not qualify” to participate in the survey.  Somewhat of a pain but when you are qualified the surveys can take between 10 – 30 minutes long, depending on how fast of a reader you are and how many questions there are.  Also, if you are disqualified from participating in the survey you will win a chance to Spin with Bill’s. (see below explanation)  You can earn anywhere from .10 to $10.00 depending on the survey.


Playing Games will require you to create an account with GSN Games. There are two types of games you can play CasinGNS Games with Inbox Dollarso Games or Cash Games.  Casino Games you will earn 18% Inbox Dollars cash for every dollar spent on token packs and boosters purchased. Cash Games earn 0.5% – 2% cash back on every dollar you spend entering cash tournaments. If you are willing to spend money on games this can this would be a way to get cash back in return.


Internet Search another way to earn income is something we do every day!  When you complete 4 or more internet searches naturally you will earn .02 cents + 2 sweeps tickets.  It’s that simple, but be sure to search naturally or you will not receive the cash.  There is no limit on how many times you can search in a day, this is a simple way to earn money for things you already do. 


What are sweeps on Inboxdollars?

 http www inboxdollars com

Sweep tickets are earned for different tasks and can be redeemed for a chance to win cash up to $100.00. Redeem your Sweep Tickets at the Reward Center where you decide which Sweepstakes drawings you want to enter in.  

Drawings are at different times throughout the day so you must keep an eye on how much time between drawings.  

Print Grocery Coupons Online Free

InboxDollars Grocery Store Coupons

Earn Money when you print and redeem grocery store coupons.  Yes, it’s true. Clip your favorite grocery store coupons from from within  You will receive an additional .10 cents for every coupon on top of the already coupon value.

Here’s how it works, if the coupon you print value is $1.00 you will receive an additional .10 cents once you redeem it at your favorite store.

Your local store sends the coupons they receive from customers to each manufacturer to get store credit.  Once the manufacturer receives the coupons they scan the bar codes on the coupons to find where they were printed from.

Then InboxDollars receive a credit they then pass it on back to you.  All this happens just because you printed a coupon and saved money.


Up to 20% Cashback Shopping Online

InboxDollars Online Discounts   Just like which another one of my favorite places to earn money.  InboxDollars will give you up to 20% off your online purchases.  Go to the Shopping area in InboxDollars and click Shopping, find your favorite stores and start Saving. As long as you go through InboxDollars first then click to your favorite store and shop as you normally would, you will earn the cash.  It’s an awesome way to save on things you were already planning on purchasing.      

Pros and Cons of InboxDollars


  • You can earn Cash when you have the time
  • There are several different ways to earn cash
  • Very simple to complete tasks in a short amount of time
  • Receive a $5 signup bonus


  • You don’t earn much for each task, it does add up over time
  • Your email inbox can get loaded with advertisements (InboxDollars Tips)
  • Need to earn $30 before you can request the cash
  • Survey can take from 30 to 45 minutes long, you probably spend at least that much time on Facebook lol


  • Create a new email account (Gmail) to use instead of your main email account. You don’t want to get loaded with advertisements in between important emails. 
  • Make sure you set some time aside to take the survey’s they can take up to 30 minutes to earn more money.
  • After getting to $30 (the amount required to payout) Inboxdollars offers to pay the $3 fee they charge if you wait until you earn $40 within a month frame.

Who is it for?

Anyone who has time to spend on the internet and is willing to give out some personal information.  If you are looking to earn some cash you can do it with Inbox Dollars.  Inbox Dollars also has an app you can download to your phone so you can earn while on the go.


If you Join Here YOU get $5 to Join – FREE

Final Opinion 

InboxDollars Sign Up You can Make Money using Inbox Dollars but not millions.  If you use the internet, like a billion other people in the world you will earn money using InboxDollars.  Even if you just used it to do research, you will be earning money instead of earning nothing with Google or Bing.  Even if you just clicked on a couple emails a day, watch some videos and did all your research you will be earning money.  Hey, it’s better than earning nothing.  I use it every day and have If you use to purchase coupons at a discount, you can click on Inbox Dollars and get a couple cents for each purchase. There are several offers available if you are gone to sign up for things like LifeLock. Which you would earn $20.00 if you join through InboxDollars.  I just earned $1.00 for submitting to the Publisher Clearing House to win a Million Dollars. The limitations on what you can potentially earn depend on how much time you spend on  To see all the options check out their website and start earning TODAY.


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  Give it a try what do you have to lose?


Money Savings


Easy to Use


Fun to Use



  • Easy to Earn Cash
  • Receive $5 for joining
  • Different ways to Earn Cash


  • Need to Earn $30 before payout
  • Takes a while to earn cash
  • Loaded with advertisements

4 Replies to “Can You Make Money with Inbox Dollars”

  1. Hmm, interesting! I’m an Inboxdollars user, and I’ve been on the fence for quite a while as to whether or not its worth it.

    I’ve completely written off the surveys. I don’t have the time to keep doing pre-qualification questions only to be disqualified. Sometimes I’ve completed almost entire surveys before they decide I’m not what they’re looking for.

    I’ve actually found the best hack for Inboxdollars is the TV. They only pay, on average, about $0.10 per half hour of watching. But every morning I hit play, mute the video, minimize the screen, and forget about it. I literally leave it running all day, working online or on business, and never even bother to check it except to scratch the occasional scratch & win each half hour.

    I didn’t know about the coupons option though! That’s great! I see that you use Ibotta. Are you able to use both coupons and Ibotta without trouble? Can you use coupons even in a self-checkout? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jordan, 

      I don’t do many surveys myself for the same reason but do the inboxDollars TV also every day.  The other things I use with InboxDollars is the coupons which is great because you get the savings. The Search for InboxDollars is great to use for the search engine and get paid for doing something you are already doing.  

      If you follow InboxDollars on Facebook or Twitter you can also get WinIt codes which also give you some money for just clicking on the code.  

      Yes, you can use Coupons and Ibotta app without any problems.  I don’t know about using coupons at self checkout because every store is different.  I haven’t gone to the self checkout and used a coupons but I am sure you could.  


      Ann & Alex

  2. Sounds like every other site that I have tried as far as taking surveys is concerned. I realize it is time inefficient and is good for side money when it is being done in the scope of your day or when you are getting paid to do the things you do everyday anyways.

    How does it compare to swagbucks if you have tried it out? If I close the account and I have $29 (not $30), does that mean that I forfeit and they keep the money?


    1. Hi Jessie,

      Yes inbox Dollars is just for extra money you won’t get rich off of it for sure.

      We have used Swagbucks and feel you get even less money from them for the tasks you complete. After you earn SB then you can redeem them for gift cards. It takes a long time to get enough SB for a gift card, you have to watch 12 videos just to earn 3 SB, which is a lot more then Inbox Dollars. Inbox Dollars will give you a .01 cent per video not much but it’s better then SB.

      If you do give Inbox Dollars a try please let us know what you think about it.

      This is just our thoughts.

      Thanks for your questions

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